Dardri MLA Tejpal Nagar does surprise inspection of health centre, reprimands CMO

Ashish Kedia

Greater Noida (13/04/2017)

Dadri MLA Tejpal Nagar on thursday made a surprise visit at Dadri community health centre. During the impromptu inspection MLA of Dadri found several lapses and reprimanded the senior officials of health department to ensure proper facilities to visiting patients.

MLA Tejpal Nagar found that several doctors as well as other hospital staff was not present on duty. Homeopathic hospital was completely closed at the time of inspection.

Several doctors who were found absent from duty include Dr. Bindu Chaturvedi, Dr. Pragya Sharma, RK Mishra, Mamta Sharma and many others.

He also got to know about one Dr. Nagma Anjum who allegedly was collecting salary from home since last three years without ever visiting the hospital by claiming herself to be a relative of former health Minister Aehmad Hasan.
Dadri MLA immediately telephoned CMO Abhinav Bhargava and scolded him for ignoring such major lapses at the health centre.

He was heard saying that corrupt government has ended it’s tenure in Uttar Pradesh and connections won’t help corrupt officials anymore.