Janmashtami celebration held at BIMTEC Greater Noida

The festival of birth of lord Krishna was celebrated with much fervour and liveliness in BIMTECH on September 3, 2018. This is a traditional ritual which the college follows every year to add gaiety in the campus. The celebration started with an amusing matki phod inter department competition. A total of 8 teams including both the staff and the students participated with great zeal in the competition. Students from all the branches along with Dr. Anupam varma, K R Chari and other staff dignitaries acted as a wonderful audience and motivated the participants. Both the girls’ and the boys’ team of section ‘C’ 1st year DM emerged as the winner of the competition.
In the evening a hammock was decorated, the statue of lord krishna was established and the program started with the ganesh vandana followed up by the famous enchanting bhajan of “ bhayi nandlala”. Subsequently, the celebration was embarked by the presence of live performance of a well-known and globally acclaimed cultural troupe from Vrindavan, Mathura, under its director Shri Manoj Brijwasi ji. . Mr Brijwasi has been honored with Brij Vibhuti in 2012 and Brij Gaurav Adhikar in 2016. The "Mayur dance" presented by the dance congregation was also the center of attraction, in which the love of Krishna and Radha was depicted. Thereafter, "Dandiya Ras" was organized and hence all the students couldn’t resist themselves from moving their feet on the famous bhajans of lord krishna.
Finally, at 12 o’clock in the middle of the night, Krishna was born, in which all the students and teachers were raising the hand and proclaiming "Hare Ram Hare Krishna", with which the festive day came to an end.
BIMTECH, despite being a leading management institute, has always celebrated all the festivals, with the students coming from different provinces to develop faith towards religion and cultivate the religious values in its family.

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