Greater Noida : Administration Free Land for Eastern Peripheral Expressway, Constructions Bulldozed!

(03/01/2017) Greater Noida :

Gautam Buddha Nagar administration today removed hurdles coming in construction of Easter Peripheral expressway y freeing land said to be worth 10 crore rupees.

The construction coming in the way of Eastern Peripheral Expressway was bulldozed in presence of heavy police force led by Dadri CO Nishank Sharma, SDM Amit Kumar and other officials.

Farmers on the other hand allege that they haven’t yet recieved the compensation against their land as promised by the authority and hence they continue to keep hold of their land.

Administration however bulldozed construction and freed the land. JCB were employed to removed any and all construction on the marked land. Sources estimate that land worth 10 crore has been freed in today’s drive.

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