‘World Heart Day’ celebrated at I.T.S Engineering College, Greater Noida

I.T.S Engineering College, Greater Noida celebrated the ‘World Heart Day’ with an aim to create awareness and encourage people to lead a healthier lifestyle. The event was graced by Executive Director: I.T.S Education Group- Dr. Vikas Singh; Dean: SW- Dr. Sanjay Yadav, Dean: AA- Dr. Gagandeep Arora, HODs of all the departments, faculty, Staff and students.

Later, the Chief Guest of the event, Dr. Pankaj Kumar Jha, a renowned neurosurgeon of Delhi and NCR, an ex-neurosurgeon from prestigious AIIMS, New Delhi addressed the audiences by delivering a highly informative presentation through which he shared his concerns related to maintaining a healthy lifestyle by posing the following queries-

Can we ensure “Health for all” by opening hospitals and producing health care professionals on a war footing? Are the ‘Health care systems’ really health care systems or merely “disease care systems”? Is health only the absence of disease or much more than this limited view? How many are really healthy today despite so much advancement in medical science? Are not we adding years to painful life rather than adding life to existing years? Can our nation bear the cost of sophisticated health care system? What can we do to really make our nation a healthy and happy nation? How can we use modern information technology to keep track on the health of most backward citizen in the remotest village of our nation? Why “Health for all” is not merely a wish but an urgent need of humanity today?

The answer to these questions can take the humanity to the next level! We are all constantly working and planning to achieve the above state. And to achieve this is not the sole prerogative of medical community. They can take the lead but only when it is backed by common man in every walk of life, can we achieve the status of “Health for all”.

Dr. Jha has been planning for digital health evaluation, monitoring and aspires to achieve “Health and happiness for all”. His vision is not only easy to implement but quite affordable, accessible and efficient too. It can really bring about the paradigm shift that mankind is seeking today. He has already healed many patients without any medicine by using his principles. It’s high time that nation should follow his vision and help in his mission.


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