GREATER NOIDA WOES – Will Authorities Act ?


Greater Noida : There was a time when Greater Noida could boast of becoming a smart city like Singapore….alas ! no more with totally broken and pot holed roads all over, Cattle grazing in green area, more people dangerously driving opposite with increased speeds and aggressiveness; roads signs, metro pillars seen defaced with advertisements, local markets seen congested with traffic jams and encroachments by vendors.
While we all suffer and curse our luck, a deceptive picture is painted whenever some celebrity arrives in the city…giving the impression that all is well here at Greater Noida.

Recently, the two roundels in Sigma 4 and adjoining areas which happened to fall in the route followed by the UP CM on 25 Jan 2019 ( When he had come to inaugurate the Metro) and lo….the entire administration woke up and literally descended on this neglected spot and route around 18 or 19 Jan 2019 …..labour was engaged, bulldozers worked overtime to remove bushes, mud mounds and levelled the areas along the road burns and painted the road burns. And top of all two roundels were not painted in usual white but were painted in saffron may be to please the UP CM……so much for the zeal to bow down to paint a wrong picture and get some recognition….it did not matter whether the CM took time to see what was done. The CM was NOT taken on broken roads.
And the cattle disappeared from the green area and the we do not know.

But barely within SIX days, the cattle returned to their usual jaunts….WHO opened the eyes when the CM was to come and WHO has closed the eyes when he has gone to allow this waste of public money

We have learnt to be very apologetic to justify broken roads that pose serious traffic hazard and are potential accidents spots by attributing and accepting the failure of the Administration to ensure timely repairs due to lack of funds or by saying that ‘come election

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