Facilitate Registration of Rent Agreements rather than registering FIRs

Rajiv Goyal

My views in the subject are summarised as follows:

1. In residential sectors, average rent is Rs 15000/- a month i.e. Rs 300/- as stamp duty a month or say Rs 3300 /- for Agreement period of 11 months

2. There must be around 30,000 dwelling units on rent in residential areas in Noida – Greater Noida .So, State must get approx Rs 1 Cr per month of revenue i.e. Rs 12 Cr per year

3. With CM’s active interactions with home buyers and builders probably 15000 nos more flats will be ready for possessions in a year. That means many of dwelling units shall be vacated or rent will further come down by 15-20%. Already many dwelling units are vacant. In terms of Stamp revenue, it will come down to Rs 7-8 Cr

4. While many of people in city are living on rent , even 2% income loss will be hardship to them

5. Before providing one month notice, whether resources are being built up for collection of such money from so many people. May be online payments or through Paytm etc could be thought of.

6. Do we have registration offices equipped with facilities for people coming for registration . Even a flat owner pays Rs 5 Lac in stamp , they must give grand welcome and best of facilities. Even if a pack of Rs 100 food items , tea or coffee is served , it will be a good gesture

7. Are we really intend to convert GB Nagar a Police state? For every small things, filing FIR. Is not the right environment created by the Government. While its prerogative of government to handle its citizen, we really are optimistic that lessons shall be taken from Sh. Narendra Modi, Hon’ble PM who is successful to remove redtapism in Income Tax, GST departments . Constructive and smart environment created by the state has resulted in increasing tax compliance by almost 200% in 4 years. Just like Gandhi, De Diya Tax Hame, Bina Khadak Bina Dhal.

8. I hope, concern officers in tax and revenue administration would look into this aspect, also they can keep Police busy on resolving heinous crimes and not to collect Rs 3300/- from a person. Government can invite Professionals agency like TCS to develope Smart and smooth system for collections of such revenue as well as promoting message through professional advertising agency

9. I hope that coercive system if any will not be imposed upon citizens of GB Nagar and will be implemented across the state.

10. I suggest before targeting people on rent, focus is made on registration of all flats where possession is being providing by builders without registration. For this purpose whatever is required to be done with Noida / GNIDA should’ve been done by office of DM .

11. I would also suggest DM office to call professionals to take ideas on increasing revenue in modern day world rather than depending upon certain clauses of Acts which have never been implemented.

In the interest of larger population, it would be better that such a matter be implemented in consultation with the industry / commercial experts leaving in residential areas.

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