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GNIDA Chairman cum CEO GNIDA Shri Rama Raman Ji had conceptualised the whole idea & has led this initiative from the front by holding multiple deliberations in his office with different stakeholders & must be feeling satisfied as this is finally being put to fruition. Process of having an International Airport at Jewar has been doing rounds for years altogether.
One such instance reminds me of a meeting in which I also participated.
This meeting was called by Shri Rama Raman Ji alongwith Senior officers from Ministery of Civil Aviation, Govt of India, DIAL & GNIDA Officials & other stakeholders notably Industry representatives in JP Hotel G Noida, way back in 2012. GM GNIDA Ms Leenu Segal gave presentation for the same. From Industries side we elicited innumerable benefits once we will get this Airport In G Noida. Also, it was emphasised that not only our state but other 5 Bordering States will also get benefited out of it ie Haryana , Rajasthan , Uttrakhand , MP & Delhi. What was concurred at that time was all about International Airport like IGI. We do have newspaper clippings of the same which we will dig out in due course & post across. In nutshell it will help in overall Deveploment of our area and also encourage investments by various Industries & Others.

Punjabi Rapper SukhiE Rocks at IIMT Group of Institutions @sukheofficial

Greater Noida (09/04/17)

‘Jaguar’ fame Punjabi singer and famous rapper today made a live appearance at IIMT Group Of Institutes Alumni Meet’s Star Night.

He started the evening with his signature song ‘jaguar’ and followed it with ‘kudiyan na kardi’.

IIMT ground was completely filled with excited students enjoying the evening.

A large number of students and ex-students enjoyed thoroughly at the event.

For Jewar International Airport – Govt’s determination matters @myogiadityanath @dhirendragbn


GMR’s financial conditions since then deteriorate a lot and going by the current government’s functioning, I don’t think it would be a major challenge to strike off clause, even if the older agreement restricts the new one. There is said to be clause, first right of refusal by GMR, at most , Govt may agree to award Jewar Airport to GMR only.

The UP govt may adopt same model of land acquiring as done by Andhra govt, providing equity & compensation to land owners and compensation to land labourer. In last 20 yrs, we can see the per capita income to locals also has increased many folds and they have been party to building up twin cities.

It’s a fact, that approx 40% food grown is rotted into system due to inadequate storages & cold chains. The prices to farmers for produces is also not in comparison to their efforts, resources & funds due to absolutely unavailable food processing industry in country.

There are many intermingled issues which would required to be solved, afterall it’s an airport; we have to take 20 approvals from one or two offices only for building one factory of 100 mtr, exhausting all the energy. However if govts at central level ( Mr Mahesh Sharma ji is definitely pursuing it at highest level) and at state level ( now that Sh Dhirender Thakur ji is MLA & strong voice for it) have made up their mind, project will surely see light of day and we may have it by 2021.

Bollywood Numbers Keep Alumni’s Enthralled At IIMT Meet

Ashish Kedia

Greater Noida(09/04/2017)

IIMT Group of Colleges celebrated 2017 grand alumni meet on Sunday evening at College auditorium.

Mayank Agarwal, MD IIMT Group Of College Addressed Alumni Meet at IIMT Group of Institutions, "It is a pleasure to have our esteemed alumni’s back at our institution through todays opportunity".

He further said, "The first batch was of around 100 students for about abscesses ago. Today it has all major streams and courses with a strength of over 500 students"

It was also informed that IIMT Greater Noida students have created a world record by making thickest manuscript in an hour in the year 2016.

The event started with a subharambh dance by institutes students which finally culminated after a performance on medley of various Bollywood songs.

Polytechnic students presented a slow-mimicry dance on a mix of various old Bollywood songs which was thoroughly enjoyed by the present alumnies.

नेफ़ोमा बेनर तले खरीददारो ने मोरफ़स पत्रिका बिल्डर की साइट पर किया धरना प्रदर्शन

ग्रेटर नोएडा वेस्ट (नोएडा एक्स्टेंशन) घर की राह और बार बार बिल्डर के द्वारा दिए जा रहे गलत आश्वासन से परेशान सैकडो फ़्लेट खरीददारो ने उत्तर प्रदेश में नए बने मुख्यमंत्री योगी आदित्यानाथ जी से गुहार लगाते हुए मोरफ़स पत्रिका बिल्डर की साइट पर सान्केतिक धरना कर अपना गुस्सा निकाला और योगी जी घर दिला दो के जमकर नारे लगाए

मोरफ़स पत्रिका डायरेक्टर द्वारा जब भी पह्ले मीटिग की गई बार बार आश्वासन ही दिया गया जिससे बायर्स का सब्र का बान्ध टूट गया, और आज सैकडो खरीददार साइट पर खडॆ होकर बिल्डर के खिलाफ़ नारे लगाये, कई महिलाओ और बच्चो ने भी कडी धूप मे खडे होकर अपना विरोध दर्ज कराया

नेफ़ोमा अध्यक्ष अन्नू खान ने बताया बिल्डर्स द्भारा फ़्लेट खरीददारो से लगभग एक साल से मीटिग का दौर चल रहा है फ़्लेट खरीददारो को मनेजमेन्ट गलत वादे करके धोखा दे रहे है, साइट पर काम बहुत धीमी गति से चल रहा है, हर बार पोजेशन की नई तारीख दी जाती है फ़्लेट बायर्सघर की किस्त और घर के किराए से पहले ही परेशान है, बिल्डर्स को फ़्लेट बायर्स की मजबूरी समझते हुए प्रोजक्ट को जल्द ही कम्पलीट करना चाहिए, अगर प्रोजक्ट को जल्द ही कम्पलीट नही किया गया तो बडे स्तर पर धरना किया जायेगा और बिल्डर साईट पर कन्ट्रक्शन क्वालिटी का बिल्कुल भी ध्यान नही रख रहा है सरिया बारिश मे खुले मे पडा हुआ है चिनाई मे कच्ची ईट का ईस्तेमाल किया किया जा रहा है

डा० अभिशेक ने बताया २०१३ घर बुक किया था २०१५ मे घर की पोजेशन मिलनी थी लेकिन आज भी पोजेशन का कही नाम नही है, सिर्फ़ दिवारे खडी करके पेसे ले लिए है वही एक और फ़्लेट बायर्स राकेश कुमार ने आरोप लगाया कि बिल्डर अपना पैसा दूसरी जगह लगा देते है और अब हमसे कहते है हमारे पास पैसे नही है ओर हमसे ९५ % पेमेन्ट लेकर आगे कोई काम नही कर रहे है

धरने मे सैकडो फ़्लैट आँनर्स शामिल हुए जिन्होने मोरफ़स पत्रिका फ़्लेट बुक किया है सर्व श्री राकेश कुमार, आशी़स जैसवाल, पंकज वर्मा, डा० जितेश, आलोक कुमार सिह, वर्मा नेफ़ोमा टीम से दिनेश ठाकुर, शेलेन्द्र बर्नवाल, गौरव अग्रवाल आदि