Corporates buses can reduce pollution and traffic jams

Prof Ajay Chaturvedi

Pollution can’t be controlled merely by applying odd-even formula. Simultaneously, It should be made mandatory for all corporates to start bus facilities for their staff members by inserting suitable provisions in The Companies Act that enable them to make a policy for all employees irrespective of their rank to compulsorily use only company provided busses for commuting between office and residence. The Act may also provide for heavy penalty on those not complying with. What happens now is that a 5 or more seater vehicle is used by single person occupying roads. A single Bus will carry 60 persons and consequently reduce as many as 55 cars on roads (assuming that a bus occupies space equivalent to 5 cars on roads). Also all cars run are not CNG fitted while busses definitely will be. That may be the solution to reduce pollution level to a greater extent among other measures being taken.

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