Noida Administration Closely Monitoring Pollution Situation, No administrative orders for closing of schools yet!

Responding to repeated queries regarding closing of schools in the region, district administration has said that situation is being monitored continuously and necessary measures are being taken as and when required.

Graded Action Plan as made by EPCA is being followed in the district.The plan clearly mentions the action to be initiated in certain situation. As per it, the school holidays must be declared if AQI level in the area exceeds 500 for 48 hours.

District Administration further informed that as per local pollution monitoring center the AQI hasn’t yet crossed 500 and hence no such emergency closing of school will be mandated as of now. It was also informed that central pollution control board also conducted a meeting in New Delhi today, where also no advisory regarding closing of schools was issued!

The department is closely monitoring the situation and public will be informed if anything changes.

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