Not just competing but helping others makes people successful in life says motivational speaker Prakash Iyer at BIMTECH @BIMTECHNoida

Prakash Iyer, motivational speaker, author and leadership coach was the chief guest at BIMTECH’s 30th commencement Day today.

He narrated a story of pencil and eraser to insist on the importance of making mistakes and correcting them.

He said, "Pencil is what gets all the admiration and eraser is something that keeps getting smaller with every usage. But still it is job of eraser to ensure that pencil makes no mistake and it corrects whatever such things happen. If we talk of our real life you can very well say that Students are pencil but it’s the teachers and parents who are the erasers who make a difference in our lives.

He further said,"Life is all about Teamwork. One of the challenges that we had faced up until now is that we are often told to compete with everyone around us. We struggle for just one marks with our friends. But I want to ensure you that helping others is what is going to make you successful in ling run of life".