Five day session of FDP was continued its engineering college greater noida

Five day session of FDP was continued on 17 th march 2019; the session was enhanced by the presence of Dr. V.V.L. K Rao who is a Senior Principal scientist In CRRI. He has been with the Central Road Research Institute for more than 20 years. He imparted knowledge on the topic of “Deterioration Mechanics and Distress Diagnostics”. He described how we can repair old buildings rather than demolishing them. The next session was given by Dr. T Visalakshi on the topic of “Geopolymer Concrete”. She addressed the sesiion about the grave environmental situation due to production of Carbon dioxide in cement manufacturing process.She gave an enlightening solution to this problem that is the use of geopolymer concrete. The last session was on “Durability aspects of Reinforced Concrete” by Anil K Sharma who is a former Sp. DG CPWD. He enlightened the audience about the mortality of concrete and how its life is affected. He described about many techniques that can be used to increase the durability of concrete.On the fourth day of the session, The day started with an interesting and interactive session by Dr. Chandan Ghosh on the topic “Disaster V/s Development : Professional Paradigm”. This interesting session was about the professional opportunities in the disaster management sector and he enlightened us that civil engineers play an important role in disaster management. The next session was on “Recent advances in concrete technology and sustainable infrastructure” by K.K. Kanji, Sr. Vice President of Lotus Green Projects. The last session was on “Technological solution for speedy construction” by Er. P.K. Rai. He imparted knowledge about the prefabricated construction techniques which can make construction a fast and easy process. On the last day, we were blessed by the presence of Er. G.K. Sahu, Ex- General Manager (tech), NHAI and Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Principal Scientist, RPD . Er. G.K.Sahu Sir enlightened us on the topic of “Instrumentation, Rating and
Performance monitoring Bridges”. He addressed the audience about the monitoring of Bridges and the use of sensors for digital monitoring of bridges. The next session was taken up by Dr. Rakesh Kumar on the topic of “Cement concrete,global climate change and sustainability”. He also enlightened the udience for the concern of environment due to cement concrete. The session was ended by certificate distribution by both the dignitaries.