Students of Ryan International School, Greater Noida participated in the Live Olympiad 2018-19 and clinched12 Gold and 4 Silver Medals

Greater Noida (15/4/2019) : The following students received the school Topper award and won gold medals for showcasing their best in subjects Maths, Science and English.

Udit Kandari – Class X  was declared Regional 1st Runner UP , Nitya Malhotra– Class IV was declared  Regional 1st Runner UP. Ms. Advika Sharma of class VII was declared the Regional second Runner Up. She was felicitated with a Rs. 1000 Amazon voucher and a certificate.

The Other awardees were:

Parv Agarwal – Class 4, Gold  Medal in Maths, Tanish Khanna – Class 5, Gold in Maths, Ameishi Raghu– Class 6, 2 Gold Medal  in English , Science, Advik Kumar– Class 6 Gold Medal  in Maths, Naman Agarwal – Class 7 – 2 Gold, in Maths & Science,Keshav Thakur – Class 9, Gold Medal in Maths, Shyla Madan – class 10 Gold Medal in Maths., Nitya Malhotra –Class 4, Gold Medal in Maths,  Akshat Srivastava -10  Gold Medal in  Maths, Avijeet Singh – Class 10 Gold Medal in Science.

 The following students received the class topper award and bagged a silver medal each.

Toshani – Class 4  Silver Medal in Science, Pulkit – Class 7- Silver Medal in Maths, Himanshu – Class 8 Silver Medal in Maths,Prakhar – Class 8 Silver Medal in Science.

The school also received a certificate of appreciation for its outstanding contribution and support in STEP and Live Olympiad 2018-19 projects.

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