Amity University organizes a CEO Meet in its Greater Noida Campus

A CEO’s meet was organized on the topic of SUPERINTELLIGENCE & AI : BOON OR BANE? on 12th February.

CEO’s of Detex and AMT along with Microsoft’s Product Marketing Director and Luminous HR Business Partner participated in this meet.

Sanyukta Sinha, Director, Product Marketing, Microsoft said in her speech that, "Driving Digital Transformation through project and portfolio management.
She specifically chose this to enlighten the basics of AI , as in the era of globalisation , digital transformation and data accessible is of the major concern.

She started with introducing digital darwin
Which is survival of digital fitnesses, only the people can digital disruption who can adapt accordingly. The speed of info drives change, as the info being provided to the customers the corporate at what speed will only survive.
Digital transformation is the next industrial revolution, which states in itself as we are moving towards the 22nd century, where AI, big data and disruption happens.
She encourage the young minds with the 4 pillars of digital transformation – Empower employees , Engage customers , optimize operations and Transform products which are all inter related and contribute into Industry 4.0.

Steve Ahern, CEO, AMT, introduced the students with the AI in the mass media and journalism. How the AI is changing the way of working environment in the corporate office of the media. He explained the students the working of AI And How the AI is everywhere around us with a brief example of Bollywood movies whose trailer is being made with the help of AI instead of any human interference. He also demonstrated his excellent knowledge with his global expertise of different fields. How the mass media and AI are working together in building up a great future together.

Yogesh Bhatia, CEO, Detex, introduced himself and about his corporate work, with the achievements about his brand across the globe. His New Device Detel Cell phone which costs around mere Rs 299, which was non – profit device with a vision to connect the Rural india with each other.
"A vision can lead you anywhere , with such high aspirations , he encouraged the young minds to have a vision and also told about the various products of his brand".

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