BMW’s Gift to ITS Engineering College.

BMW’s Gift to ITS Engineering College
The prestigious ITS Engineering college, greater noida has received a Dual Turbo Diesel engine, from the worlds Renowned automobile company BMW.

Dr. Vikas Singh, Executive Director, Dr. Gagandeep Arora, Dean-AA, Dr. Sanjay Yadav, Head of Mechanical Engineering Department, along with faculty and students had established this engine in their Automobile Engineering Lab.

By the help of this engine students will get an opportunity to understand about engine assembly and working of different parts.

This engine is light weight aluminum construction, 4 cylinder Twin Power Turbo diesel engines, 190 HP, 400N-m torque and 1750-2500rpm. This engine is accompanied With a 8 speed automated gear transmission mechanism.

The expert team from BMW Company will be providing the training about working and mechanism of engine to the students.
This engine will be a boom to the students to understand about latest automobile technology and gear transmission.

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