A Positive Step towards Value Education by ITS Engineering College Gr Noida

MBA Department, I.T.S. Engineering College organized an Expert Talk on “Emerging Trends in FMCG Sector “ on 20 September

The main Objective of the Expert talk was to apprise the students about the emerging trends in ‘Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector’ and encourage them in their analytical thinking and applications of knowledge and mind.

The Expert Talk was given by an eminent person from the industry, Mr. Vivek Jain, who flew specially from Mumbai to share his experiences and expertise to the students .Presently he is National key Accounts Manager of Nestle India Mumbai. He did his MBA about two decades back.

He explained about recent global trend in consumer market like friction free shopping & removing gender bias .He also explained about latest trends in consumer market in India like digitization, making products as per demand of consumer , and encouraging the people to talk about the things which were considered taboo earlier. He further said that middle class consumer is playing important role in the FMCG market. As 90% of Fast Moving Consumer Goods products are related to food , the latest trend is to look towards the village areas and the new concept of farm to fork is taking place. Also the companies of FMCG product have declared a war against the use of plastic. This is good trend. The consumer goods play a challenging trend in today’s market. The market of these goods is changing very fast and so is the marketing strategy. He emphasized that one has to be very careful in this competitive market scenario and take the full advantage of latest emerging trends. He motivated the students to participate in the discussions by analytical thinking .He made the discussion very interesting by giving relevant examples and cases from the contemporary marketing scene.

The entire programme was interactive and very interesting. The students of MBA participated in the event whole heartedly, enjoyed it and got valuable inputs on the subject which is importance in today’s competitive business scenario. Students also got idea of how actually modern day business firms are run effectively in this sector.

The coordinator thanked the Executive Director Dr Vikas Singh and MBA HOD Dr Sunita Shukla for providing such a platform to enhance and adding values to the knowledge of students.

In brief the programme was educative for the entire audience.

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