Galgotias College extends warm and rousing welcome to freshers

“GCET celebrates freshers, welcomes the first year with great enthusiasm”
31st Sept, 2018, Gr Noida. Galgotias Student Council along with vigorous support of the CEO Mr. Dhruv Galgotia and Director, GCET Dr. V.K. Dwivedi, organized one of the most grand event of the college which was Freshers 2k18. It started off with the freshers showcasing their talents on stage and then various titles were distributed by the Prof Ambikapathy where Ish Kumar won the Mr Fresher Title while Diksha Arora won the Ms Fresher Title. Judges of the Title Competition were Amandeep Soni, Raghvesh Sharma, Habib Ansari and Sudhanshu Mishra. Student Council Clubs manual was unveiled too at the event by Dr Vishnu Sharma, Prof. Renu Sarin and Prof. Gagan Tiwary. Studio D, the Dance club of GCET killed the stage with their fierce performance and finally International Star DJ Perisha started off with a bang and her beats and drops made everyone go berzerk. The new session and the new beginning of the freshers was beautifully celebrated and welcomed by everyone.

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