Sewage water overflow in P3 market causes great inconvenience to residents, becomes breeding ground for mosquitoes!

03/04/2018 (Greater Noida )

Three sever holes behind the P3 market are over following from last 15 days causing water logging in the backyard of the market. Due to which people are facing heavy trouble while commuting from there. The compound has market, medical store, dispensary and a state bank branch, where all users of different age group have to go through water logged area.

As it is sewage water, it is also stinking very baldly, causing more inconvenience to people. People have to put clothes over their nose while passing through the area. As per advocate Aditya Bhati, a resident of P3 locality, "Many time complaint has been done to the authority officials regarding the problem from local residents but till no response has come from their side. Mosquitoes are increasing day by day as they are getting the favorable breeding ground through this water. Hence this is also a severe health issue".

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