Daily Archive: December 14, 2018

The Central Ride “Disha – Safar Ek Nirbhay Samaj Ka” is organized at G.L. Bajaj Gr Noida

In commemoration of the Nirbhaya case, where a 23 year old university student was raped and brutally harassed in Delhi on 16 Dec 2011, an NGO called JWALA was formed by Dr. Divya Gupta. The basic aim of the NGO was “Empowering Women / Girls through Self Defence Training”.

Since then, JWALA has trained more than 1 Lac Women/Girls in Self Defence all over the country. To commemorate the event, JWALA has planned a Cycling Ride “DISHA” throughout the country with coordinated support from MBA Department, GL Bajaj Institute, Greater Noida the cycling clubs on 16 Dec 2018. The aim of the ride “DISHA” is to make awareness about the women safety and Self Defence and also taking of the oath by the male members “Mai Rakshak – I am the Defender” at the end of the ride.

This ride is planned in 20 cities across the country simultaneously in association with the respective cycling clubs. The Cycling community platform of India “Cyclop” , founder Ms Malvika & Prof. Dr. Deepa Gupta (HODGL Bajaj College, MBA Department) are coordinating the registrations across the country and helping with all the details. Mr Deepender Sehajpal from Noida Randonneurs is instrumental in promoting the ride across India through Audax India Cycling Clubs. Gp Captain Vijay Ingale Executive Secretary Jwala is the main coordinator across the country on behalf of Jwala. In Greater Noida, The Central Ride “Disha – Safar Ek Nirbhay Samaj Ka” is organized by Greater Noida Cycling Club (GNCC) in coordination with MBA Department, G.L. Bajaj Institute & Jwala.

The GNCC Officials are taking keen interest in supporting the social cause and organizing this ride. The cycling Community across Delhi NCR represented by Noida Randonneurs , Dare to Gear , Cycloholics and many more representatives of different cycling clubs are riding on this day to commemorate the event. There are more than 250 riders are expected to ride for the social cause to make awareness among the citizen regarding the women safety and empowerment. Ms Laxmi Agarwal, an Indian campaigner with Stop Acid Attacks and a TV host is a brand ambassador for the ride in Greater Noida.

She is an acid attack survivor and speaks for the rights of acid attack victims. Another Guest Mr Hunny Kapoor, A Synovial Sarcoma Survivor and an Amputee will also be taking part in this event. Dr Divya Gupta, President Jwala will flag off the ride at 0700 h on16 Dec 2018 at City Park, Greater Noida. The riders will cover a distance of 20 Kms across the city and finish the ride at Wegman Business Park behind Decathlon, Greater Noida.

One arrested for allegedly involved in Kidnapping

Greater Noida police had arrested a man alleged of Kidnapping 17 year old girl. As per the information a case of abduction was registered on 5th June under Jarcha Police station. In which a 17 year old girl named Monika was told to be kidnapped by Sumit Taevatiya a resident of Virpur under Jarcha police station.

Taking action in the same on the night of 13th December around 11:45 PM the accused was arrested by during a routine checking drive.

National Energy Conservation Day Celebration @I.T.S Engineering College, Greater Noida

IEEE Power & Energy Society of Department of Electrical & Electronics has celebrated “National Energy Conservation Day” on 14th Dec. 2018 with a faculty colloquium session on the topic “Energy Conservation: Need of the Hour” by Prof.Upendra Agarwal, Assistant Professor, Dept. of EEE.

The celebration started with a welcome address by Prof. (Dr.) Monika Jain, Head, Dept. of EEE, & IEEE PES Chapter Counsellor

Proof Agarwal has delivered the session by focusing on the increasing demand of energy and rapidly depleting conventional energy resources. He broadly discussed the areas like Saving of Energy, Efficient utilization of Energy and use of Renewable Energy sources for its better conservation. He has also highlighted about Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA) and Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), the major government bodies who is taking initiatives for conducting awareness programs about energy conservation nationwide. Further he mentioned about the Energy conservation bill passed by Government of India in the year2001, to make various rules, regulations and standardization of parameters for energy efficient appliances, meters and distribution systems. At the end, he has concluded the discussion quoting that, to deliver the energy to all and save the environment, it is our individual and social responsibility to conserve energy at all levels.

On this occasion, Shri Sohil Chadha, Vice Chairman- I.T.S Group of Education has recommended all to contribute towards energy conservation for coming generations’ better & safe future.

Thus the event ended with a healthy discussion on the topic followed by a vote of thanks by Dr. Monika Jain, Prof.& Head Department of EEE.

पुलिस और बदमाशों के बीच मुठभेड़, 25 हजार का इनामी बदमाश गोली लगने से घायल

ग्रेटर नोएडा के थाना बादलपुर क्षेत्र में पुलिस और बदमाशों के बीच मुठभेड़, बागपत निवासी 25 हजार का इनामी बदमाश नफीस गोली लगने से घायल।
मौके से घायल बदमाश का अन्य साथी इमरान फरार होने में सफल रहा, पुलिस द्वारा कॉम्बिंग जारी, घायल बदमाश को जिला अस्पताल में कराया भर्ती। थाना बादलपुर से केंटर लूट और हत्या के मामले चल रहा था फरार। मौके से पुलिस ने एक बाइक, तमंचा सहित कुछ कारतूस किए बरामद।

ग्रेटर नोएडा में बाराती ने युवक की गोली मारकर की हत्या

ग्रेटर नोएडा में बाराती ने युवक की गोली मारकर की हत्या

ग्रेटर नोएडा के रबूपुरा थाना क्षेत्र में मामूली विवाद में युवक की गोली मारकर हत्या, मामूली विवाद को लेकर बाराती ने की जमकर फायरिंग। गोली लगने से एक युवक की मौके पर मौत दो लोग गंभीर रूप से घायल। घायलों को पुलिस ने निजी अस्पताल में कराया भर्ती। पुलिस शव हिरासत में लेकर पोस्टमार्टम के लिए भिजवाया। रबूपुरा क्षेत्र के नंगला चांदन गाँव का मामला।