Daily Archive: October 2, 2018

Gandhi mission was to make world great for all : Arun Maira at #BIMTECH

Former chairman of Boston Consulting Group and Former member of Planning Commission, Arun Maira on Tuesday recalled significant teachings of Gandhi while addressing BIMTECH students at Foundation Day lecture.
He said, "Gandhi mission was to make world great for every one. India is unequal society in terms of wealth after South Africa. In my vision a country of 100 billion Democrat may and can become country of 100bilion capitalist."

Dr. H Chaturvedi details about Gandhi-Birla legacy connect at BIMTECH 31st Foundation Day lecture!

Detailing about Gandhi’s connect with former member of planning commission and Chief Guest of the occasion, Arun Maira, Dr. H Chaturvedi said, "At the age of 4 Arun Maria mother took him to Gandhi ji so he can get blessings from him. His blessings and teachings have impacted his life much.’

Further talking about Gandhi-Birla legacy, he said, "Ghanshyam das birla contributed rs 1 lakh as Gandhi ji asked him.’