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जी.एल. बजाज ग्रेटर नॉएडा में ‘‘अपने लक्ष्य को कैसे साधें’’विष्य पे सेमिनार का हुआ आयोज न

नौलेज पार्क स्थित जी.एल. बजाज इंस्टीट्यूट आॅफ मैनेजमेंट (बीबीए/बीसीए) ग्रेटर नोएडा में ष्भ्वू जव थ्वबने वद ल्वनत ज्ंतहमजष् पर एक सेमिनार रखा गया जिसमें जाने-माने लेखक व वक्ता श्री शिव भारद्वाज ने वास्तविक जीवन पर उदाहरण देकर छात्रों का उत्साहवर्धन किया व उन्हें आज के समय में अपने लक्ष्य को प्राप्त करने के लिए टिप्स बताये। उन्होंने यह भी बताया कि बहुत कठिन समस्या को सरलता से कैसे हल किया जाये। इस अवसर पर संस्थान के डाॅयरेक्टर डाॅ. दिलीप सिंह उपस्थित रहे। उन्होंने भी छात्रों को प्रेरणादायी, सुगम मार्गदर्शन व टाईम मैनेजमेंट के व्याख्यान दिए। यह सेमिनार बीबीए/बीसीए फस्र्ट मोटिवेशन बैच के रूप में प्रस्तुत किया गया। इस कार्यक्रम में विभाग के समस्त छात्र व शिक्षकगण उपस्थित थे।

International Literacy Day Celebrated at I.T.S Engineering College, Gr. Noida

The Applied Science & Humanities Dept. of I.T.S Engineering College, Gr. Noida has celebrated the “International Literacy Day ” for the students.

On this occasion, a Debate Competition was held & the topic was— “ Feminism in India ”. The event was anchored by 3rd year students Basra Jehangir & Subrat Singh who randomly selected the teams & set the motion for debate. Audience highly appreciated the programe.

At the end Faheem Aftab B.tech CE III year & Jatin Srivastava B.tech CS III year, won the debate competition.

The whole event was supervised by Dr. Preeti Tewari, ASH DEPT, & Judged by Mr. Abhishek Rai, Asst. Prof. ASH Dept., I.T.S Engineering College, Greater Noida

I.T.S Engineering College Gr Noida conducts an event regarding “Internship Report Evaluation ”

The CRC Dept. of I.T.S Engineering College Greater Noida conducts an event regarding “Internship Report Evaluation ”. A team of 25 delegates visited the campus & make this session effective by their presence.

These delagates were from different industries in which the students have done their Internship Programme.

The team was here to evaluate each student of B.Tech Final year (all branches) based on their reports which the students prepared, and also to guide them about further prospects. Along with the guest delegates, HOD of all Dept. & faculty members were also present to help the candidates with upcoming problems if any in the research report. The whole event was conducted under the supervision of Mr. Rakesh Jaiswal, CRC Deputy Manager, I.T.S Engineering College, Greater Noida

Lyceum competition held at BIMTECH Greater Noida

BIMTECH- Birla Institute of Technology Management believes in creating opportunities for its students to groom&grow at every level and one such wonderful opportunity was LYCEUM MASTERCLASS held on 8th September, 2018 in the campus premises.

LYCEUM is a concept which is derived from ancient Greece, where the great philosophers, such as, Socrates, Aristotle, and Plato, assembled in a designated area and interacted with their disciples through dialogues. The essential feature is the interaction between experts and novices of great potential. In Lyceum Masterclass, students presented current burning issues on selected areas before high power industry panels, and grabbed opportunities to impress them with their knowledge and presentation skills.

The overarching theme of this year’s Lyceum Masterclass presentations was “India and Bharat Conundrum: Challenges and Opportunities”, which is about bringing growth and economic development in the Indian context. This overarching theme had sector-wise themes from various sectors such as IT/ITES/Telecom and Communication, Banking and Financing Services, FMCG, Manufacturing, Consulting, IB, Infrastructure, Insurance and Retail.

The judge panel consisted of many highly accomplished dignitaries from the corporate industry including Mr. Arvind Raghav- Director CRIF Gulf, Mrs. Bhawna Rajpal- General Manager, Schneider electric, Mr. Shammi Dua- General Manager at GSK Consumer Healthcare India, Mr. Rajeev Mehra- COO at CSL Finance Limited, Mr. Sacheesh Sharma- Specialist Officer SBI,Mr. Gaurav Jindal- Associate Director, IDFC Bank, Mr. M.R. Sundaresan- Director, Cognizant, Mr. Deepak Sadhwani- associate Director , Nielson, Mr. Jagdish Easwar- Business Head ESK, Mr. Vijay Sardana- DirectorNabkisan Finance Ltd, Mr. Himanshu Manglik- Founder& President WalnutCAP Consulting, Mr. Nrendra K Agrawal- Associate VP Kent RO Systems, Mr. Durgesh Buxy- Marketing Head, Orient Electric Ltd, Mr. Saroj Kumar Mohanta- Practice Head (Partnership), Mart, Mr. Nitin Gupta- Business Head, Olam, Mr. Rajeev Dave- Chief Supply Chain Officer, Hamdard Laboratories, Mr. Rajesh Kumra- Director Sales, Glen India, Mr. Mayank Vasles- Talent Head Reliance Trends, Mr. Gaurav Suri- Business Head, Swatch Group, Mr. Gaurav Banerjee- DGM Sobha Ltd and Mr. Harpreet Singh Chabra – Sr VP, The Grand Venice Mall, Bhasin Group .
Students in a team of 3 presented on their respective topics and winners from various sectors were awarded with trophies. The winners of the Mega Competition were: Ankush Verma, Aastha Maheshwari, Anika Grover, Mansi Arora, Kavya Kapoor, Nilesh Kalyani, Nevin Jeney, Pravathi MnajiTigya, Rahul Gopal, Barkha Chaturvedi, Narendra, apoorva Sood, Devika Gautum, Aditya Pal Singh, Aakrit Lakhan Pal, Angu Sursan, Ankit Negi and Don Jose Thottam. Overall the event was successful in bringing the industry insights to the management students and creating awareness about the latest trends of the era.

यूपी में 12 IAS अफसरों के तबादले

यूपी में 12 IAS अफसरों के तबादले

डॉ पीवी जगमोहन प्रमुख सचिव सार्वजनिक उद्यम

डिम्पल वर्मा प्रमुख सचिव युवा कल्याण

पनधारी यादव सचिव वाह्य सहायतित बने

के. राम मोहन राव सचिव पिछड़ा वर्ग कल्याण

अल्का टंडन भटनागर सचिव गोपन

सेंथिल पांडियन एमडी विद्युत उत्पादन निगम

अमृता सोनी विशेष सचिव ऊर्जा बनाई गईं

शुभ्रा सक्सेना वीसी आगरा प्राधिकरण

राधे श्याम मिश्रा विशेष सचिव राजस्व

किंजल सिंह वीसी कानपुर प्राधिकरण

कंचन वर्मा वीसी गाजियाबाद प्राधिकरण

राजेश प्रकाश अपर आयुक्त मिर्जापुर