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मैं अटल हूँ @bjp4india #atalbiharivajpayee

मैं अटल हूँ
मैं अटल हूँ
निस्तब्ध लोक में
उपजा एक कण हूँ
मनुष्यता के पथ पर
अविराम यात्री हूँ
ले लेता हूँ साथ उन्हें
जो इस पथ के
अनुगामी है,
श्रमशील है,
या सहचर है,
या ठहरे है गति की अभिलाषा में,
द्वंद से दूर
शान्ति की ओर
अपार भाव स्वप्न लिए
आत्मज सत्य के संबल के साथ
सूर्य पथ पर गतिमान हूँ
मैं अटल हूँ

चुनौती दर चुनौती
आपात से अंधेरा तक
नाचती हुई ज्वालाओं को भेद कर
नए सूर्य की ओर अग्रसर हूँ
मैं अटल हूँ

हर जिंदगी की अकुलाई थांहो को
साकार करने वाला कण हूँ
मैं अटल हूँ

दुनिया के शक्ति केंद्रों
के मध्य
उदघोष हूँ,
बुद्ध की मुस्कान हूँ,
परमाणु हूँ
मैं अटल हूँ

देशों की उष्णता के मध्य
वर्फ़ की पिघलन हूँ
संवाद हूँ
संतुलन हूँ
सह अस्तित्व हूँ
सह सम्मान हूँ
मैं अटल हूँ

खेत , मेड , खलियान हूँ
पगडंडी से लेकर सड़को की जाल हूँ
जय जवान, जय किसान
के साथ जय विज्ञान हूँ
मैं अटल हूँ

निस्तब्ध लोक में उपजा
एक कण हूँ
मैं अटल हूँ।

—-शैलेन्द्र भाटिया

GL Bajaj Educational Institutions now also offers two courses.. BBA & BCA

Two new courses BBA & BCA are started in G.L. Bajaj Group of Institutions with a new name as G.L. Bajaj Institute of Manangement. The director of the same is Dr. Dileep Singh. The orientation programme was organizsed on 14th August 2018 in which the Chief Guest were Prof. Dr. D. K. Banwet (IIT Delhi) and Mr. Rahul Chandel (G.M.-Hollend Fiat Pvt. Ltd.). Students from both the courses actively participated in the programme which was ended by giving vote of thanks to all the respected dignitaries by Prof.

Dr. Deepa Gupta.

Independence day celebration at BIMTECH, Greater Noida

India’s freedom struggle was long and hard-fought, and Independence Day is a reminder of the sacrifices made by the freedom fighters who fought bravely for nationhood and independence.

“Long years ago, we made a tryst with destiny and now the time comes when we shall redeem our pledge… At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom.” – Jawaharlal Nehru on August 14, 1947.

With this patriotism and high spirit, Birla Institute of Management Technology, Greater Noida celebrated 72nd Independence Day. The whole campus was decorated with Indian flags and posters of the martyrs. The celebration, organised by Cultural Conduit, began in the college premises with the unfurling of the National flag at 9 am, by Director H. Chaturvedi followed by the National Anthem and his words full of patriotic zeal and fervour. His speech covered the points like unemployment and hunger leading to suicide and how technology, a powerful tool in current times is instead used to spread fake news about lynching.

The college choir enhanced the spirit of patriotism by singing Ae Watan (song form Raazi) and Vande Mataram (A.R. Rahman).

Majlis club of the college set up a “Debating Board” highlighting a topic “A free press shelters democracy” on which various views were shared by Director H. Chaturvedi, esteemed faculty and students.

Valmor-The Discipline Conduit of the college organised an event called “Sarfarosh” for the students to build up their team spirit. The first competition was “Rope and Roll”, in which participants competed in a race with their legs tied up with rope and they had to carry the bouncing ball with the help of cardboard and drop it in the box at the finishing line. The second competition was “Prison Break”, in which teams had to steal the flag from other teams’ territory and return without getting caught. The winners of the competition were Gaurika Aeron and Kartik Lakhotia of Retail Management batch 2018-20.

The event was successful in making the students acknowledge the sacrifice done by the freedom fighters and creating the environment of pride and joy.


Fervor of 72nd Independence Day Celebration at Ryan

On the eve of 72nd Independence Day, Ryan International School, Greater Noida extended its heartfelt tribute to the Nation by celebrating the day with great Zest.

The function began with the arrival of the chief guest Col Ashok Prabhakar, Vice President (Commercial Services)NIIT Technologies Ltd. and by invoking Lord Almighty’s blessings. The patriotic aspiration and enthusiasm was reflected in the role play showcased by the students of primary wing. It gave a glimpse of the sacrifices made by our National Leaders. Students of senior wing presented an informative talk show highlighting the history and importance of our Preamble. Spirit of true nationalism was displayed through a group songs and a dance which evoked patriotism in one and all present.

Love for the Nation was further enhanced through and inspirational speech by the guest, who spoke about the significance of the day and urged the students to be model citizens by providing selfless sacrifice to the Nation, contributing specially in making a greener and clear environment.

The function culminated with rock band performance given by the students of classes VI-VIII. It was an enthralling presentation of musical notes of freedom, which was followed by a National Anthem.