Daily Archive: July 12, 2018

गौतमबुद्धनगर में एनजीटी के नियमों का उल् लघंन करने पर 4 और संस्थाओ को जुर्माने का नोटिस जारी

जिलाधिकारी गौतम बुद्ध नगर ब्रजेश नारायण सिंह के निर्देशन में एनजीटी के नियमों का पालन सुनिश्चित कराने के उद्देश्य से विभागीय अधिकारियों के द्वारा अपने अपने स्तर पर कार्यवाही की जा रही है ताकि पूरे जनपद में एनजीटी के नियमों का पालन सुनिश्चित हो सके।

इसी क्रम में नगर मजिस्ट्रेट नोएडा के द्वारा 3 संस्थाओं को क्षेत्रीय प्रदूषण विभाग की रिपोर्ट के आधार पर जुर्माना लगाते हुये 25-25 हजार रूपये के नोटिस जारी किए हैं, और 1 सप्ताह के अंदर जवाब तलब किया गया है। अन्यथा की दशा में संबंधित फर्मों के माध्यम से जुर्मानें की राशि वसूलने की कार्यवाही की जाएगी। नगर मजिस्ट्रेट के द्वारा जिन संस्थाआंे पर जुर्माना लगाया गया है, उसमें स्वामी/प्रबन्धक मेसर्स एलाइड फोम्स प्रा0लि0 प्लाॅट नं0 11 डी उद्योग केन्द्र इकोटेक 3 ग्रेटर नोएडा, स्वामी/प्रबन्धक मेसर्स स्टेरियान इण्डिया प्रा0लि0 प्लाॅट नं0 11 उद्योग केन्द्र इकोटेक 3 ग्रेटर नोएडा, स्वामी/प्रबन्धक मेसर्स मल्होत्रा इलेक्ट्राॅनिक्स प्रा0लि0 प्लाॅट नं0 11सी उद्योग केन्द्र इकोटेक 3 ग्रेटर नोएडा जिला गौतमबुद्धनगर सम्मलित है तथा 1 संस्था स्वामी/प्रबन्धक आवासीय परियोजना विक्ट्रीवन सेन्ट्रल प्रमोर मेसर्स इन्टेलेक्ट प्रोजेक्ट्स प्रा0लि0 प्लाॅट नं0 जीएच 2ई सैक्टर 12 ग्रेटर नोएडा को 5 लाख रूपये का नोटिस जारी किया गया।

नगर मजिस्ट्रेट के द्वारा यह सभी नोटिस संबंधित फर्मों को एनजीटी के नियमों का उल्लंघन करने पर क्षेत्रीय प्रदूषण अधिकारी की रिपोर्ट पर जारी किए गए है। उन्होंने बताया कि यदि 1 सप्ताह के भीतर संबंधित व्यक्ति एवं फर्मों के माध्यम से रिपोर्ट प्राप्त नहीं होती है तो उनके विरूद्ध वसूली की कार्यवाही की जाएगी।

Ryan, Greater Noida elected its students parliament by organizing Investiture ceremony

Ryan International School, Greater Noida addressing to the motto of “Excellence in Education and All Round Development” elected its students parliament of the session of 2017-18 by organizing Investiture ceremony on 12th July- 2018.

The 30 member parliament consisting of 6 core council members as President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Speaker and Deputy Speaker and 39 Ministers representing 23 Ministries and their 23 “Ministers of State” took the responsibilities of the portfolios with great zeal. Our guests for the occasion – LT GEN ( Retd.) V K Chaturvedi , PVSM, AVSM, SM, did the honours of christening the School Parliament for session 2018-19, and encouraged and motivated them with his words to discharge their duties with utmost sincerity.

The guest inspired students to join the civil & defense services. He was highly impressed with their smartness, confidence and the inquisitiveness which they displayed during the interactive session raising question

The School Council Members thanked their mentors Chairman Dr. Augustine F. Pinto and Managing Director Madam Grace Pinto for their encouragement and granting them with the opportunities to shoulder responsibilities. They promised to honour the school flag and to work with sincerity and dedication in discharging their duties.

Induction Program 2018 on “Corporate Expectations and Insights for Aspiring Mangers” at GLBIMR

Carrying forth the legacy of academic excellence, GL Bajaj Institute of Management and Research, Greater Noida organized the week long Induction Program on the theme of “Corporate Expectations and Insights for Aspiring Managers” from July 09,2018 to July 13, 2018 for the newly enrolled students of PGDM Batch 2018-2020.

The glittering ceremony commenced with chanting of auspicious shlokas of Saraswati Vandana in the presence of the Chief Guests Mr. Arvind Mehrotra, President – Infrastructure Management Solutions, NIIT on July 9, 2018 and the coveted Magsaysay Awardee Mr. Anshu Gupta, Founder & Director, Goonj on July 10, 2018 along with Mr. Pankaj Agarwal, Vice Chairman, GL Bajaj Educational Institutions and Dr. Urvashi Makkar, Director General, GLBIMR. The Corporate Knowledge Sharing Sessions began with deliberations from Mr. Mohan Shukla, Chief External Affairs, Bharti Enterprises Ltd, Mr. Ram Jalan ,Chief Marketing Officer, Wave Group, Mr. Alankar Shankar, CEO, Fitbit, Mr. Satyakki Bhattacharjee, Chief People Officer, ABP News, Ms. Surabhi Deewan, GM- HR, Ashiana Housing, Mr. Pawas Sharma, Business Head , Lava International and Mr. Vishal Sehgal, Managing Director & CEO, Nishchay Educorp, amongst other eminent dignitaries who attended this grand event and shared their wisdom with the future management professionals.

Mr. Pankaj Agarwal welcomed the students to the GL Bajaj family and conveyed his best wishes to PGDM Batch 2018-20. Mr. Agarwal assured students that by putting their continuous hard work during the 2 years of PGDM Program, they can achieve excellent placements, taking forward the legacy of the previous batches, including the recently graduated PGDM Batch 2016-18. Dr. Makkar welcomed the new batch with warmth and stated that at GLBIMR impetus is not only on providing Management Degrees, but imparting value based Management Education for holistic development of students which has resulted in excellent placements and outstanding summer internship opportunities since inception.

More than 500 audiences comprising of Distinguished Guests, students, media persons, representatives of professional bodies, faculty and staff members of the Institute have been part of the glittering event.